Job: CSSD Medical Group Executive Administrator - Full time - Benefits Eligible

This posting has expired and is no longer available.

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CSSD Medical Group Executive Administrator

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Management / Supervisor (Non-Nursing)

CSSD - Administration/Legal

Main Campus - Serra Mesa

Full time - Benefits Eligible


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CSSD Medical Group Executive Administrator

This employment opportunity is being recruited by Rady Children's Hospital-San Diego on behalf of Children's Specialists of San Diego.
This position reports to CSSD's President and Board and has overall responsibility for the administration of the professional corporation (non-medical operations). The Administrator acts as a key liaison between CSSD with representatives from the hospital, Medical Practice Foundation, and UCSD to enable the achievement of CSSD's goals.
The role of the Administrator includes translating business priorities into effective processes and outcomes, ensuring proactive reconciliation of diverse stakeholders' needs in an integrated manner, and minimizing avoidable and costly liability. The Administrator accomplishes this by effectively leveraging:
  • In-depth and current understanding of industry and regulatory issues
  • Intimate understanding of financial processes including budgeting and financial reconciliation Perspective into strategic business priorities
  • Analyses of corporate financial statements
  • Ability to anticipate challenges and create proactive solutions
  • Well-established relationships with stakeholders across the organization
  • Ability to negotiate with partners' executives while maintaining collaborative relationships
  • Cross-functional and collaborative performance
* Bachelor's Degree in Business or a healthcare related field

* Five years of experience as Administrator of a large multi-specialty medical group and proven credibility and influence with medical group members and other stakeholders

* Project management knowledge and effectiveness; excellent oral and written communication skills, including presentation skills

* Past success in negotiation, conflict resolution, and consensus building with all levels of constituents

* Up-to-date knowledge of industry trends, legal and regulatory issues

* Strong knowledge of finance, numerical analysis, budget creation and execution, financial reconciliation, ; previous experience with planning, implementation and administration of programs supporting the financial operations of a medical group

* Past success as a leader, developer, and manager of various levels of staff

* Organizational focus and demonstrated commitment to pursue outcomes that are best for the organization long-term, instead of personal interests

* Ability and willingness to, manage high-pressure situations and simultaneous and constantly shifting demands from various stakeholders

* Demonstrate proficiency in working with Excel spreadsheets, and the creation and understanding of financial statements.
* Master's Degree in Business or a healthcare related field

* 7-10 years of experience

* Background or experience in Finance/Accounting


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