The Culture at Rady Children's

Rady Children's is a place where everyone CARES about everyone else. That doesn’t just mean we dedicate ourselves to our patients and their families, though of course, that’s a big part of it. What it truly means is that our intentions and actions converge to answer this essential question: How can I make things better for those around me?

In fact, we are so big on caring, that’s our service excellence promise. To provide service that is:


We do this by creating a family-centered healing environment where patients and families are our partners in prevention, treatment and recovery. We reach beyond our campus grounds and into the community through research, education and advocacy. We respect and honor the diverse values, traditions and needs of each family, and we strive to support families in caring for their children. We’re more than clinically excellent. We live and breathe our core values. We earn every smile, because Rady Children’s CARES.

We know that the happier our employees are, the more engaged we are in our mission, so we are committed to keeping our employees happy. Our dedication to specialized training, career advancement and maintaining a supportive environment makes working here more than a career move: It’s a life-affirming decision.

The bottom line is......we have a blast! Here is an example of some of the activities we do together:

  • The Shamu and You Family Walk
  • Celebrations
  • Movie nights
  • Staff awards and honors

Working here is a lot of fun because...We have each other!

Our employees are saying....

“How can I put into a few words how proud I am to say I work at Rady Children’s? Here it is: I’ve been here since 1976. When I tell someone I work at Rady Children’s, they say, ‘Oh, you are so lucky to work there because it is such an awesome place.’ Then often they will tell me their story. It really makes me happy to work in such a special place.” – Marty Hay, Clinical Nurse, Sam S. and Rose Stein Emergency Care

“After three decades of working here, I feel like I grew up at Rady Children’s. I truly feel this hospital and its people have become an integral part of my unforgettable life journey. My work here is an extension of me always.” – Lee David, Lead Sterile Processing Tech, Sterile Processing Department

“When our grandson was struggling with severe health issues, I became acutely aware of how important a children’s specific hospital is and how important every member is—from clinician to support staff. I am proud to wear the Rady Children’s label on jackets and shirts and let others in the community know that I am a part of a mission that truly cares for our kids and their families. – Kimberly Weiss, EVS/Calendar Scheduling

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