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Respiratory Therapy Residency

Rady Children’s Hospital has a 14-week program which is hands-on, preceptor-guided training to prepare respiratory therapist to work throughout the hospital and deliver care to the most vulnerable patients.

We are running 2 Fall residency programs along with a Spring cohort for RTs; please check back regularly for updates and job postings.

Respiratory Therapy Residency FAQs

How many hours per week do the RT Residents work?

This is a full-time position that requires 72 hours per two-week pay period for the full program; however, there may be times where the residents will work up to 80 hours during the pay period. Number of days per week varies depending on the number of residency classes, as well as unit-based class days.

When are the residency class days?

Respiratory residency begins with a week of class time, then bedside clinical training, with periodic classes for continued training and education.

What types of classes do the residents attend?

The residency curriculum is developed so that it is applicable to all RT Residents; all residents attend the classes together. The learning curriculum is designed to enhance the general pediatric knowledge base of the residents and is specific to practice at Rady Children’s. The curriculum includes computer-based learning modules, lecture presentations, case studies, hands-on activities, small group discussions and team-building workshops. Residents also participate in mentoring and debriefing sessions during class day.

Are the RT Residents required to work nights, weekends and holidays?

The Respiratory Therapy Department provides a unique educational experience that involves rotating between days and nights while on orientation. There is no holiday requirement while the residents are on orientation however will have some weekend shifts.

Are the RT Residents eligible for vacation?

The residents are expected to attend all classes offered during the program. Any long weekend vacations must be scheduled around class days, as well as the schedules that are provided to them by the department. Flexibility of the RT Residents is very important. The leadership and management team will assist the residents as best as possible to meet occasional scheduling needs.

The RT Residents are eligible to request extended vacations once completion of the program and once they have accrued an adequate amount of paid leave time to cover their time off.

Once the Residents complete the program, what shift will they be working?

The residents will continue working full-time (72-hours per pay period) and will go to a straight night shift position. RT’s may be eligible for a straight day shift position dependent upon Respiratory Therapy Department need.

Respiratory Therapist – Adult to Pediatrics Program

If you are an experienced Respiratory Therapist with at least 3 years of adult ICU experience, we have a program designed to help you transition from an adult-based practice to pediatrics. The program is unique with classes and clinical hands-on training which is specific to Rady Children’s. We are committed to help make the transition to pediatrics one you will enjoy as caring for kids is not just a part of what we do. It is our focus.

Opportunity for this great program will be posted in our job postings.

Respiratory Therapy

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