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What to Expect

  1. Rady Children's requires all applicants to complete an application.
    Applications are accepted via our website,

  2. Rady Children's considers all applications, and qualified applicants are forwarded to the hiring department. If you are selected for an interview, the department leadership will contact you.

  3. If, after interviewing, you are being considered for a job offer, you will be sent a link to Skill Survey to enter your references.

  4. Upon acceptance of an offer, you will receive a formal offer letter via DocuSign. The job offer is contingent upon successful completion of the new hire process which includes:

    • Reference and criminal background check

    • Pre-employment physical

    • Urine drug screen

    • QFT blood test for TB

    • Proof of required vaccinations including influenza. Covid vaccine is highly recommended but not required.

    • Completion of all required HR documents

  5. You will receive an email from Certiphi, our background check company, with a link to complete the information needed for the report.

  6. You will receive an email from DocuSign with links to complete the following:

    • Pre-employment onboarding paperwork.

    • HR requirements for your position (diploma and any required license or certifications.)

    • HR documents, including offer letter and job description.

  7. You will receive confirmation of your Occupational Health appointment. The OHS appointment takes approximately 1 hour to complete. Please plan your schedule accordingly and allow enough time for commute/parking time. Children are not allowed to accompany you to the appointment.

  8. At your Occupational Health appointment, you will complete a pre-employment physical, drug screen, TB test and flu shot (during flu season). Annual influenza immunization is a condition of employment. Every year, all employees must be vaccinated within two weeks following notification of vaccine availability to staff.

  9. You will need to bring the following original documents to the OHS appointment:

    • A current, non-expired picture ID, which includes your picture, your name, future expiration date and your signature.

    • Documented immunization records, including Rubella (German measles), Rubeola (Measles), Mumps, Varicella (Chicken pox), Hepatitis B and Tuberculosis (TB) test completed within the last 12 months and, if positive, documentation of the positive PPD and/or copy of your chest x-ray results.

    • Completed medical questionnaire (HR will provide you with the questionnaire). All medical information is kept confidential and disclosed only as required by law or with your authorization. It is very important that you complete the form accurately and thoroughly. Please note that failure to include information may lead to rescinding the employment offer.

  10. After your Occupational Health appointment, you will come to Human Resources (HR) for a brief review of your I-9 form and original documents that validate your identity and confirm that you are eligible to work in the United States. HR is about a mile from Occupational Health at 3678 Aero Ct, Suite 200. Documents that meet this requirement include a driver’s license and social security card, an unexpired passport, or other documents listed here.

  11. When you pass the pre-employment process, you will receive a notification from HR confirming that you can begin your career at Rady Children's! Your hiring leader will contact you regarding your first day of work, which will include when you are scheduled to attend new-hire orientation.

Important Note: The Rady Children’s campus is currently undergoing a major redesign. Unless you are in a position of direct patient care on the main hospital campus, you will most likely park offsite and shuttle to campus. This parking is just a mile from campus and shuttles run regularly. You will receive information on where to park.