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RN New Graduate Transition to Practice Program

Rady Children’s Hospital offers 3 RN New Graduate Transition to Practice Program cohorts annually – Spring, Summer, and Fall. Each cohort is a 1 year comprehensive education and training program designed specifically to transition newly-graduated Registered Nurses from students to safe, competent and professional health care practitioners. Our program provides numerous opportunities for you to grow in your nursing practice from the very start. This is accomplished through case-based learning, simulation, mentoring and debriefing groups, preceptor-guided clinical experience, and wellness.

The following areas typically accept new grads:

  • Neonatal ICU
  • Cardiovascular ICU / Acute Cardiac Unit
  • Pediatric ICU
  • Medical, Inpatient
  • Surgical, Inpatient
  • Hematology/Oncology, Inpatient
  • Emergency Care Center - Emergency Department
  • Medical Behavioral Unit
  • Child Adolescent Psych Services

*Note - units participating in RN New Graduate Transition to Practice Program are subject to change per cohort, based on department and organizational needs.

Please be aware that RN New Graduate Transition to Practice Program positions are limited, making selection among our large applicant pool highly competitive.

Due to the competitive nature of the program, we are not able to interview each applicant. Applicants with experience in the clinical area of interest will receive the highest regard for consideration.

Acquiring relevant pediatric experience via senior preceptorship/practicum, clinical rotation(s), intern/externship, volunteer, and/or employment as a nursing assistant is strongly advised.

Applicants must be a graduate of an accredited ADN, BSN or MSN program within 12 months of residency and must be a licensed Registered Nurse in California by program start.

RN New Graduate Transition to Practice Program FAQs

When are applications accepted?

We post our RN New Graduate Transition to Practice Program application several times per year, usually Spring, Summer and Fall. The application is typically open for two weeks. Once the next application date is determined, the New Graduate RN page will be updated.

  • Spring – Cohort begins March 4, 2024
    Applications are no longer being accepted
  • Summer - Cohort begins July 22, 2024
    Applications are no longer being accepted
  • Fall - Cohort begins October 14, 2024
    Applications are no longer being accepted after 5/12

You can also sign up for “Job Alerts” at the bottom of this page to be notified via email when the application is live.

What can I expect after I submit my application?

  • Application Review - Allow 4 weeks from application close date
  • Invitation to Selected Finalists to Interview - Allow 4-6 weeks from application close date
  • Interview Facilitation - Allow 6-8 weeks from application close date
  • Offer Decisions - Allow 12-15 weeks from application close date

Do you hire New Graduate Nurses outside of the Transition to Practice Program?

No, we do not. Our RN New Graduate Transition to Practice Program is specifically tailored to enhance the experience of the New Graduate Nurse. The Transition to Practice Program is for new graduate nurses, who have less than 12 months of RN experience, and have graduated from an accredited ADN, BSN or MSN program within 12 months of cohort start. If you are an experienced Registered Nurse with an interest in pediatrics, please find details about our New to Pediatric program below.

Must I have my California RN License before I apply?

No. However, you must have your California RN license by the start of the cohort to be considered. Please remember that it can take quite some time for the California Board of Nursing to process NCLEX ATT dates, or to transfer licensure from another state. Please note that we are not able to consider interim permits.

Do I need reference letters?

Applicants are required to submit one letter of recommendation from a professional who can speak to ones potential for success as a pediatric nurse. Applicants who are invited to interview and identified as finalists, will receive further directive to request references via Skill Survey Reference.

Do you have Nurse Externships available?

We are not currently offering externships.

Can I receive a tour of the hospital?

At this time, we are not able to fulfill New Graduate Nurse tour requests. Applicants invited to interview, will receive a tour from department leadership at time of interview. Unfortunately, we are also unable to accommodate requests for job shadowing opportunities.

Registered Nurse - New to Pediatrics Program

Rady Children's Hospital - San Diego (Video)

If you are an experienced Registered Nurse, with a passion to work in pediatrics, Rady Children’s presents opportunity to help you achieve your goal!

We periodically offer training programs in the following specialties: New to Pediatrics, New to Neonatal ICU, and New to Pediatric Emergency Department. Each training program is unique; with curriculum and clinical training tailored to each nurse based on former experience. Our customized orientation to pediatrics is approximately 8 weeks, depending on the unit, and includes unit based education classes as well as precepted-guided clinical experience.

To qualify, a Registered Nurse must have a minimum of 1 year nursing experience. Acute care and/or critical care nursing experience highly preferred.

*Please sign up for a “Job Alert” below, to be notified of future openings.

Respiratory Therapy Residency

Rady Children’s Hospital cohorts annually for both Respiratory Therapists and Adult to Pediatrics Respiratory Therapists.

We are not running a Spring cohort for RTs; please check back regularly for updates.

Respiratory Therapy Residency FAQs

How many hours per week do the RT Residents work?

This is a full-time position that requires 72 hours per two-week pay period for the full 20 weeks; however, there may be times where the residents will work up to 80 hours during the pay period. Number of days per week varies depending on the number of residency classes, as well as unit-based class days.

When are the residency class days?

There are a total of 18 residency class days throughout the 20-week program. There are four class days per month, and typically the classes are every other Thursday and Friday. Each class day is 6.5 hours long (included in that time is a 30-minute unpaid lunch). Each resident is expected to attend every residency class.

What types of classes do the residents attend?

The residency curriculum is developed so that it is applicable to all RT Residents; all RT Residents attend the classes together. The blended-learning curriculum is designed to enhance the general pediatric knowledge base of the residents and is specific to practice at Rady Children’s. The curriculum includes computer-based learning modules, lecture presentations, case studies, hands-on activities, small group discussions and team-building workshops. Residents also participate in mentoring and debriefing sessions during class day. Residents attend unit-based core classes at the discretion of the departments to which they are hired.

Are the RT Residents required to work nights, weekends and holidays?

All residents follow their preceptors’ schedules, and will therefore work some weekends. Each unit provides a unique educational experience that involves rotating between days and nights while on orientation. There is no holiday requirement while the residents are on orientation. The residents’ schedules are provided by the Respiratory Therapy Department.

Are the RT Residents eligible for vacation?

The residents are expected to attend every class day. They are also expected to follow their preceptors’ schedules. Any long weekend vacations must be scheduled around class days, as well as the schedules that are provided to them by the Respiratory Therapy Department. Flexibility of the RT Residents is very important. The leadership and management team will assist the residents as best as possible to meet occasional scheduling needs.

The RT Residents are eligible to request extended vacations once the 20-week orientation period has concluded and once they have accrued an adequate amount of paid leave time to cover their time off.

Once the Residents complete the program, what shift will they be working?

The residents will continue working full-time (72-hours per pay period). They will rotate day shift and night shift for a period of one year, after which they will go to a straight night shift position, and be eligible for a straight day shift position dependent upon Respiratory Therapy Department need.

Respiratory Therapist – New to Pediatrics Program

This unique opportunity is for Respiratory Therapists with at least 3 years of adult ICU background. The program is designed to transition from an adult-based practice to pediatrics and includes classes and shifts with a clinical preceptor. When available, opportunities will be posted in our job postings.

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